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Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthForm

Total amount raised for good causes is £1,845,561

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Northmoor Together       Longsight £29,218 This existing two-year project aims to deliver a weekly community café within a community centre in the Northmoor area of Longsight, Manchester. Building on the success of a year-long pilot project, the project responds to a lack of access to a café in this densely populated area. The two-hour weekly sessions will benefit 64 people, including those newly-arrived in the area and older people, by providing healthy home-cooked food and opportunities to socialise over board games.
Baobao Project and Tabitha Association Cheetwood £30,606 This new two-year project will provide twice weekly drop-in sessions for isolated, migrant men over 55 living in Cheetwood, Greater Manchester. Dinners will be hosted on Wednesday and Saturday nights where participants can enjoy a free meal, also access advice on social housing and support on benefits, writing CVs and job searching. The project will be designed, led and run by participants through a focus group, with a project manager and an artist to facilitate creative activities such as wood and stone carving, music and dance.  The participants will prepare the food and have an opportunity to connect and make new friends.
Brink Productions Limited Moss Side £28,720 This new two-year project aims to deliver weekly music and dance sessions to young people aged 13-18 in Moss Side, Manchester. The sessions will provide opportunities to take part in a range of dance styles, singing, performance and to learn associated digital media skills such as photography, filming and editing. A core group of ten young female participants will form a focus group and be involved in all aspects of the project’s planning and delivery, enabling them to gain a sense of ownership of the project. In addition to the diversionary activities, the project will enable young people to showcase their skills and express their opinions in a positive manner.
Healthy Me Healthy Communities Ltd Miles Platting £22,508 This new 20-month project is a development of an existing surplus food distribution project working in Miles Platting ward in Manchester. The new project will provide an 'escalator of involvement' starting with a weekly resident-led 'your-space' during the opening times of the existing project leading to community organiser courses to train and mentor residents to design and deliver activities for other residents. The project will allow the volunteers to go beyond solely addressing food poverty and put participants in control of the design and delivery of the activities they would like to see and need in their community.
Safety4Sisters North West Manchester £33,950 This two-year project is developing a successful 10-month Migrant Women's Rights to Safety pilot project run in 2016. The project will build on the specialist group work from the pilot project, with a weekly support group for migrant women with insecure immigration status and experiencing gender based violence (GBV). This group will be women experiencing intersecting gender, health (physical and mental), and social, economic and racial inequalities. The participants will benefit from safe space to share experiences, reduce stress, trauma, isolation, gain confidence and have their voices heard. Rights based support will be provided to mitigate against the effects of inequalities. The women participants will come from the Greater Manchester area and are all migrant women with immigration issues.
We Matter Longsight £28,480 This new two-year project aims to deliver weekly social activities for women in Longsight, Manchester. The sessions will mainly benefit mothers who feel isolated after dropping children off at school or who are home alone with children during the day.  All participants will be encouraged to contribute to research and/or delivery of activities, such that they feel a sense of involvement and ownership. Activities might include computer skills, crafts, cycling, trampolining, golf and trips to places of interest. The project will promote greater community cohesion by enabling participants in this diverse area to develop new networks and friendships with those from other cultures through mutual support.
DIY Theatre Community Interest Company Salford £19,192 This 16-month project will expand a drama project for adults with learning disabilities that has previously been funded by People's Health Trust. The new project will help a group of adults with learning disabilities who have already been attending a weekly drama club, to set up a member-led, self-sustaining drama group of their own. The project will take place at a community venue in the Seedly and Langworthy area of Salford. The project will use drama to give the adults confidence and a voice.
Gaydio Manchester & Salford £41,942 This two-year project is the development of an existing idea, aiming to build confidence, strengthen social connections and increase employability skills for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people living in Manchester and Salford. Young people will receive training in media skills and radio broadcast production, leading to the creation of their own radio broadcasts that raise awareness of issues they face, promote community services and events, strengthen cohesion within the LGBT community and forge links with the wider community. Young people will design, develop and lead the project, determining content and managing the delivery of sessions. It aims to address issues of sexual orientation, gender and low educational attainment.  
Lancashire Lions
Visually Impaired
Sports Club
Manchester £42,960 This new two-year project will provide two weekly sports sessions and monthly social activities such as visiting a sporting event, going bowling or visiting a local attraction with events decided by the project participants. The target group are adults experiencing sight loss (blind or partially sighted) and are predominantly living in the Blackley and Broughton area as well as North, Central and East Manchester. 
Rising Stars NW CIC Heavily & Stockport £17,378 This two-year project has been developed from a previous pilot scheme. Rising Stars NW will train and support a team of 30 young people from Heaviley and Central Stockport to be youth and media leaders. The young people will put together a news programme on local services and events, interviewing residents and community leaders, and reporting some of the good news that does not always get included in mainstream media. The intention is to challenge negative stigma about young people and break down barriers between generations.
Star Association Manchester £37,960 This new 18-month project aims to provide social activities for older African men aged 50 living in the inner-city area of Harpurhey, Manchester. Men only social activities will be held on a weekly basis, including a Saturday night club for informal conversation and drinks, speakers, quizzes, raffle and entertainment, Sunday tea or dinner and other occasional activities such as walks or days out. Activities will be developed and organised by participants and a steering group.

Valley Community Gardens

Swinton £18,755 This two-year project aims to run a range of activities for the residents of Swinton, a town in Greater Manchester. The project will expand on an established curling group and launch a range of other new ideas developed by local people such as holiday events for children and families, guerrilla knitting and DIY courses. All activities will take place at a community garden. The activities will be open to those with mental ill health and physical disabilities, children and families, older people and people not currently in employment.

Startingpoint community Learning Partnership

 Stockport  £16,305 This two-year project builds on some existing work. Currently, two families of 9 people come together from the Mill Lane Estate in Woodley, a suburban area in Stockport, to share skills, tackle money issues and share what they learn with others. The aim is for them to attract at least another eight families using the skills that they have learnt from being volunteer community organisers. Activities primarily revolve around cooking and eating together and also involve learning IT skills to create a blog about the group’s experiences and learning skills on a farm such as foraging, grafting trees and beekeeping. 
Friends of Burnage Library  Burnage £17,550 This new two-year project aims to connect groups and generations in Burnage (a suburb of Manchester) through collecting and sharing the diversity of memories and experiences of local communities. It proposes to bring more than 600 local people together to participate in activities exploring various themes, developing their skills and enabling them to be more in control of telling their own stories about their roots and aspirations.
Care Ladies Organisation  Salford £27,500 This new 18-month project aims to deliver weekly youth club sessions for young people from Salford aged 10-16 targeting those from non-English speaking, refugee backgrounds especially unaccompanied minors. The project will be based in Salford and focus on issues related to social or emotional isolation, migrancy from other countries, and low educational attainment or at risk of poor educational attainment.
Creative Curve  Longsight £17,705 This new ten-month project, based on a 10-week pilot the applicant ran in 2014, will provide a sewing course for local women to enable them to develop their own businesses. The project will be based in Longsight, an inner city area of Manchester, and address social or emotional isolation, mental ill-health and unemployment
Healthy Me Healthy Communities Ltd  Rusholme £18,860 This one year project is the development of an existing idea. The project aims to provide a regular community café benefiting older, isolated and vulnerable people (e.g. people living with dementia, or coping with bereavement) living in Rusholme, an urban area in the south of Manchester city centre. The project will provide healthy-living activities including crafts, cooking, health walks and quarterly trips to a local attraction supported by volunteers. It will provide a supportive local space for people to connect, make friends and feel supported in an inner-city fragmented and isolating ward for older and vulnerable residents.
Involved (salford)  Salford £9,320 This one-year project by Involved (Salford) is the development and expansion of an existing scheme aimed at members of the local Sudanese community living in Broughton. The existing weekly men’s session to facilitate learning and employment will continue, along with a new session for Sudanese women and girls to understand more about the culture they are living in; and a gym session for 18-25-year-olds for both Sudanese and Salford teenagers.
Positive Moves CIC  Cadishead £37,980 This two-year project partly builds on an existing transport service project for older people which ceased when funding came to an end. It now aims to provide transport for isolated and vulnerable older people from the Cadishead area of Greater Manchester one day a week, alongside a weekly social health and wellbeing activities group. Activities will include games, gentle exercise, healthy food, arts and crafts and recreational activities.
Warm Hut UK  Salford £41,842 This new 18-month project aims to deliver a weekly arts project for older people aged 60-77 from francophone/lusophone refugee backgrounds living in Salford
Bright Road Youth and Community Centre  Salford £15,486 This new two-year project aims to set up two new groups at the local community centre, one targeting children and families, and the other targeting older people. Activities will be designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the local residents. The group proposes to liaise with local partners in delivering the project, including the Salford City Council, GP surgeries and other services in the area to promote the new sessions. The applicant also proposes to offer free training to the volunteers in health and safety, risk assessments, safeguarding, food hygiene, and leadership management awareness courses.
North Manchester Black Health Forum  Manchester £46,680 This new two-year project aims to deliver a programme of weekly activities directed at reaching marginalised vulnerable adults living in Crumpsall and Cheetham Hill, two inner city areas in Manchester. Activities offered will include a health and wellbeing group, a community café to learn simple cooking and budgeting, a social drop-in, a games group, and information and sign-posting. Weekly activities will also include outreach at local retirement housing complexes.
Westwood and Alder Park Tenants and Residents Association  Eccles £14,800 This new two-year project aims to establish free local activities for all generations living in the Westwood and Alder Park neighbourhood in Eccles, Salford. Westwood and Alder Park Tenants and Residents Association will set up a weekly gardening group, run seasonal family sessions including a summer playgroup and job club for parents/carers, and deliver training opportunities. The group will also produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter.
Friends of Withington Baths Withington  £6,500 This new project of 12 months duration is to set-up and run a cafe facility within Withington Baths in Manchester. Once created the facility would be open on a daily basis. The initiative will address issues of social and emotional isolation, general community and neighbourhood work and age.
Levenshulme Good Neighbours Levenshulme


This new 18-month project will deliver 13 monthly activities and five monthly outings for older people in Levenshulme, the content of which will be identified by participants. The project hopes to bring together older people (people over 60) and local volunteers and aims to address issues of general community, social or emotional isolation, and age.
Alchemy Arts Limited Old Trafford


This new 18-month project aims to build the confidence and self-esteem of women from the South Asian Community in the Old Trafford area of Manchester through weekly sessions, during which they will work towards an Arts Award qualification.
DIY Theatre Community Interest Company Salford £21.025 This nineteen-month project aims to develop leadership skills and opportunities for adults with learning difficulties from Salford and help them to lead fuller, happier & healthier lives. The adults will develop skills, knowledge, confidence and self-esteem.
FreshStart Chorlton £15,000 This new one-year project will deliver twice weekly sessions of an International Women’s Cafe in the Chorlton area of Manchester enabling women of different cultures to meet and interact.
MaD Theatre Company Stockport £40,060 This new two-year project will involve setting up a creative arts group in Lancashire Hill estate in Stockport. It will offer arts activities and cultural trips to the residents. According to the applicant, the estate is quite isolated because of physical barriers such as a motorway and river. The intention is for the community to learn new skills, release their potential, access volunteer opportunities and be part of Stockport Creative Arts festival.
Baobaoproject Salford £20,000 This new 18-month project aims to enable women in Salford (Lower Broughton) to share traditional weaving and stitching skills with the wider community.
Choices Community Trust Gorton £32,169 This 24-month project is based upon the expansion of an existing project and will deliver two term-time sessions per week of singing and dance activities and associated Christmas and Summer show-case events for two groups of young people (aged 7-11) at two schools in the Gorton area of Manchester.
Gorton Visual Arts Gorton £9,425 This is a continuation of the group’s ongoing activities and will last for 12 months. Focussing on the heritage and culture of the local area, group members will determine the content of four ten-week visual arts projects. The project will target people experiencing isolation and vulnerability in Gorton and aims to increase their skills, confidence, and social opportunities.
Hulme Community
Garden Centre
Hulme £44,077 This new two-year project builds on Hulme Community Garden Centre’s existing popular volunteering programme. The group aims to create a new volunteering programme for local people in walking distance of the Centre who do not have a garden of their own who wish to create an open access community garden. They will learn new skills, make friends and make a difference to the local area.
Ladybarn Community
Fallowfield £46,692 This new two-year project aims to bring together the applicant’s different strands of intergenerational work and provide a programme of regular activities for the community.
Manchester Congolese
Moss Side £28,574 This new two-year project will provide IT skills to black and ethnic minority people, including refugees and asylum seekers, who are over 50 years of age and come from Moss Side. The intention is to help them get a better chance in life by improving employability and reducing isolation and loneliness.
Seed Studios Old Trafford £14,579 This new two-year project will involve the group recruiting a volunteer coordinator to support Seed Studios to grow and develop in the local community of Old Trafford where it is based. The coordinator will support and develop the activities of the group’s volunteers, raise the profile of the organisation and engage the local community.
Oldham Drive Tenants Group Stockport £27,762 To create a professional community-based learning hub for older people including skills training and outreach support in the community. It aims to develop local volunteers and give them the skills to run a silver surfers group to get older people from Oldham Drive estate in Stockport online, staying online and staying safe online.
Mancunian Way Manchester £16,580 To start a two-year intergenerational project offering a free weekly gardening club for young people work with older people on allotments to grow vegetables and participate in cooking sessions with the grown products.
Proud and Loud Arts Walkden £38,016 To continue an existing two-year project offering weekly drama class and dance workshops for 48-weeks a year for people living with disabilities in Walkden.
Scilight Arts Stretford £15,000 To extend existing activities and deliver craft workshops and activities in Stretford to address issues of mental ill-health and social or emotional isolation.
Arts for Recovery in the Community Brinnington £25,797 To run 2 x 3 hours art groups for 36 weeks per year that will culminate in a week-long festival once a year in  Brinnington.
Friends of Victoria Park Stretford £10,450 To run a weekly two-hour craft club in six-week blocks for 49 weeks per year for residents of Stretford in Manchester.
G-Force Altrincham £20,484 To create a space for skill sharing opportunities that allow everyone in the community to interact positively with other individuals and groups from other generations.
Justlife Foundation Openshaw £37,170 To encourage local vulnerable adults of Openshaw in Manchester to take part in their neighbourhood by providing them with opportunities to get involved in gardening, walking, exercise and trips.
St John's Centre Old Trafford £14,732 To purchase a new cooker and new cooking equipment for the centre’s kitchen in order to improve and expand the services that the organisation is able to deliver.
Start Creative Salford £30,894 To make use of underutilised green space in the Buile Hill Park in Salford through the provision of 30 raised growing beds and offer local people the opportunity to grow fruit and vegetables.
Stockport Progress and
Recovery Centre (SPARC)
Stockport £46,306 To develop the existing gardening project into a much bigger Green Spaces project providing service users with opportunities to volunteer, learn new skills and take part in positive outdoor activities in the community.
Barlow Moore Community Association Ltd Barlow Moore £45,854 To run 3 x 2-hour sessions per week for 48 weeks a year delivering an under five’s group, an older people group, and a young people’s group or a children’s group.  There will also be a six-week, ‘Teams not Gangs’ programme per year and 4 community events per year and 1 Family challenge day per year.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Survivors Manchester Manchester £9,948 A self-help 'survivors guide' for male survivors of sexual abuse and rape to aid understanding of the legacy effects and provide support.
Warm Hut UK Salford £5,868 Workshops to raise awareness about unhealthy habits and how to manage long-term health conditions.
Friendship Healthcare Women's Association East Manchester £5,000 Improve the health and longevity of 35 women living in a deprived urban area with poor health, lifestyles and life expectancy profiles through a healthy living programme.
St Luke's Treatment Room Longsight £9,985 Encourage participation in healthy living activities to individuals at risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Manchester Congolese
Moss Side £9,980 To run 14 workshops for 150 black African women, including refugees and asylum seekers, to help improve mental health and wellbeing.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Sustrans   £112,000 The project will bring people together, reduce social isolation and help people feel safer.
Alzheimers Society   £40,000 Provide a full-time dementia support worker who will assess the needs of people affected and help them maintain their independence and well-being.
Mencap   £31,030 Extend the Gateway Club network and Gateway Awards programme and help to improve the health, well-being and social inclusion of young adults.
Carers Trust   £46,801 To support carers and ensure they are making healthy choices about their own lives as well as the person they are caring for.
Childrens Food Trust   £44,069 Provide cooking clubs as a practical, fun and hands-on approach to helping people learn and understand how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
Youth Sport Trust   £40,579 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.


This two year project partly builds on an existing transport service project for older people which ceased when funding came to an end. It now aims to provide transport for isolated and vulnerable older people from the Cadishead area of Greater Manchester one day a week, alongside a weekly social health and wellbeing activities group. Activities will include games, gentle exercise, healthy food, arts and crafts and recreational activities. 

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